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Autonomous State Medical College Pilibhit excels in medical education, research, and healthcare. Offering MBBS, it blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. Advanced facilities include modern lecture halls, labs, and a rich medical library. Faculty and students pioneer cutting-edge research, collaborating globally. Community outreach initiatives address local healthcare needs, promoting health literacy and access. Continuing Medical Education programs ensure professional development for healthcare providers. Committed to healing, teaching, and discovery, the college stands as a beacon of excellence, shaping the future of healthcare with integrity and innovation.

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Faculty Vacancy 01-07-2024
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Dr. Sangeeta Aneja, Principal ASMC Pilibhit

The vision behind establishing the medical college is to give  best medical education to the students as well as to provide best quality tertiary level treatment to the people residing in the land of belha devi. Our intent is to assimilate the exuberance, wisdom and flamboyance of young with modesty, etiquette, and allegiance through best education. The focus of the college is to create such a healthy working atmosphere for all the faculty members and support staff so that individually they blossom and ultimately medical college flourish.


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